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¦e-¦+¦ (2)Last January I had the pleasure of meeting four incredibly talented kiddos all from the same orphanage that live together in a foster family. I had never met children so incredibly gifted, confident, and happy, especially being orphaned. Three of the four children were selected to participate in our Summer Hosting Program. Every time I shared their stories with families I would get so excited as they truly represent the resilience that so many of these children have. I was thrilled that all three were matched with incredible families and two of them were even coming to Texas!

¦e-¦+¦ (1)The kids came and had an incredible time. All three returned to China just last month, all with families in process to bring them home forever. On departure day I had the pleasure of spending some time with their chaperone and music teacher. The main woman responsible for all of their ‘awesomeness’. She was so excited to share about their experiences here in the US but quickly turned to me and with a frustrated face, said “What about ‘Bennett’, why was he left out?”


We meet at least 100 kids on each interview trip and many times groups travel from orphanages to meet us, bring a group of children and not all of them are brought for the program. The one little boy that we “left out” was so incredible. We wanted us to bring him so terribly bad. After much debate we decided not to include him on our list as a precaution of his medical need and what could occur on a hosting trip.

Forward 8 months ¦e-¦+¦ (5)to that day in the airport with a very upset concerned teacher/mother. With our language barrier we talked more about Bennett and I apologized for not bringing him and said, we can advocate and find him a family. After the events of departure day settled down I was contacted by an incredible advocate about our little, ‘Bennett’. It turns out not only is Bennett an incredible kid, he is the 4th man to this adorable little quad of friends. These four kiddos do EVERYTHING together, school, arts, life, and play, they are always together. They are the best of friends and practically siblings. Here is the tough part, Bennett’s friends are all be adopted and will be home with their forever families no later than next summer and Bennett is currently being left behind. That’s where we need help. We are actively looking for a forever family for this handsome guy and it would be even more awesome if that family could be in Texas or south Carolina, so Bennett and his buddies can keep in close contact.

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