Volunteer for Orphan Hosting

Love hosting but not able to host this time? There are so many ways you can get involved in Orphan Hosting to help us better serve the orphans in need.

Volunteer Advocate Backup Host FamiliesChaperone Host FamiliesAirport Coordinators

Volunteer Advocates should be ready to talk to their friends, family, churches, and general community about Orphan Hosting! We will provide you with online trainings to help you learn the ins and outs of hosting. You’ll get first access to our hosting photolisting for the upcoming program, and you’ll get to learn about each child so you can tell potentially interested families who might be a great fit for their family!

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Backup Host Families are needed in cases in which the Host Child can no longer stay with the Primary Host Family. Often, these are through no fault of the child and may simply be due to an unforeseen emergency within the Primary Host Family. These host children may need to be moved on a rare occasion for several possible reasons, but ultimately they need a safe, encouraging environment while they are here.

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Caretakers fly with the children to the States, and as the children go visit their families, the chaperones need families too. They are looking to learn and experience American culture while sharing theirs. It comes at no cost to your family!

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Airport Coordinators (ACs) are there to welcome children from our host countries when they arrive in the United States, connect the children with their families, and ensure kiddos and families get started off on the right foot. ACs also assist when the kids depart by confirming children and chaperones have their boarding passes, know where to go, and have everything they need for a safe flight.

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