Chaperone Host Families Needed!

Our Winter Hosting Program is well under way, and the children will be here in less than a month!

China Matched Winter

We still need some amazing volunteers to help contribute to our Orphan Hosting Program – we are most especially looking for volunteers to serve as Chaperone Host Families.

It is completely free to be a Chaperone Host Family. All you need is a spare bedroom and an open heart! You have the option of hosting a chaperone for either two or four weeks, which is half or all of the hosting program. It’s a great opportunity for you to meet the amazing caregivers and translators who are here to support the children throughout the program. It’s also a neat opportunity for the chaperones to visit America and learn our customs around the holidays.

Our chaperone from Latvia knows English, and she needs a host family in the New York area. If you live in New York or one of the adjacent states and would like to host Laura, please email Cayce at We also need host families for our China chaperones in the Tennessee, Illinois, California, and New York! If you’re able to host a China chaperone in one of these areas, please email Shannon at

It’s through your service that we are able to help the amazing children of the Orphan Hosting Programs! If you’re ready to become a Chaperone Host Family, you can start your FREE application here!


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