China Summer Interview Trip Begins!

Get all your hosting related questions at our “Ask the Experts” hour on Facebook on Tuesday, January 26 at noon CST or sign up for our hosting webinar Tuesday, February 2 at 4:30 PM CST.

On Friday, the children from the China and Latvia Winter Hosting programs returned safely to their countries. For many of these children, the long journey home has just begun – over half of the children in our program have found a forever family! For some, though, there is still a wait. To meet the children who are still in need of a forever family, head on over to our Advocate Page at this link. As many of you know, the work of an Orphan Warrior is never complete!

I’m still in need of a family!

And as one journey starts on a new path, we begin again down the road to hosting! Tomorrow starts the first days of interviews for the children participating in our China Summer 2016 Hosting Program! Our staff is thrilled to be back in China and ready to meet the newest group of kids for hosting. Each year, we see about 70-80% of the children who are adoptable find a forever family. These kids are often considered “difficult to place” because of their age or needs. When the children get here though, families are able to see them for the wonderful kiddos they are!

Early Applications for our China Program will start on Monday, January 25 and extend through Friday, February 5. Families who submit their application during this time will have FIRST ACCESS to our hosting photolisting with our brand new faces on it. Early Applicants will have the opportunity to get matched with their host child before the general photolisting is launched.

I’m still in need of a family!

Our Early Applications for the Latvia Program will begin the second week in February. Follow the blog to see the journey of both interview teams!

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