China Summer Hosting Updates!

A week into the program and so many of our hosting children are doing amazingly with their families! It’s great to hear the personal stories of these children’s growth and what they add to the lives of their host families.

Here are some testimonies from our wonderful host families from their favorite moments with the children.

The first time he rode on my shoulders, he was so scared. But then he realized it was fun, and he laughed and smiled the whole time! It really drove home for me the little moments these kids have not gotten to experience – every child should get the chance to be picked up and ride around on someone’s shoulders. It’s a part of being a kid!
It was really cute to see how proud he was at the dentist – he LOVED knowing his teeth were clean  and he loved that he got a new toothbrush and toothpaste!
She recognized me and her poster as soon as she saw me! Seeing her smile was so great. I watched her play with a kitten the first time, and she wanted to get out of bed at night to play with the kitten again!
When he ran up to me and hugged me in the hall, it was totally unexpected. He was also excited to see the kitchen sprayed (such a simple thing!) go from a stream to a spray of water. He loved playing with it!

See some of our kids’ photos below, and if you are interested in being a part of the next hosting program, get in touch with us at!

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