Host Children with Grants

Welcome to the Host Children with Grants page! Below we have listed the children currently available for hosting that are eligible for grants towards your program fees. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to submit your interest directly to our hosting counselors.
You can also contact Shannon Phillips at or (512) 323-9595 ext 3101 to speak about these children now.

host-children-with-grants-The Athlete – 9 years old

I have a $500 Grant!
The Athlete is an all around boy – he loves to play basketball and soccer, and he enjoyed playing with balls our team brought. He told us he doesn’t think he’s very good at Chinese in school but think he’s great at math! He’s a talkative kiddo who likes to color (red is his favorite). He’d be a great fit for any active family! Special Need: Mild CP

host-children-with-grants-Mr. Logic – 8 year old boy

I have a $500 Grant!
Mr. Logic was a smart little guy with a sweet smile. He can’t read characters, but he is great at figuring what a page says anyway through context clues! We think he’d do great with a family who could get him schooling to shine. Special Need: CP

host-children-with-grantsMr. Personality – 10 year old boy

I have a $500 Grant!
Mr. Personality had it all – a great smile, a big heart, and an open mind to snapping photos with us! He was an all around sweet kiddo who said he’d like a new toy for Chinese New Year. He does well in school and has pretty handwriting. He knows his numbers in English, and we think he’d thrive in any family! Special Need: Hand deformity 

host-children-with-grants-Mr. English – 12 year old boy

I have a $500 Grant!
Mr. English told us he answers the questions in school in English so he can practice! He’s a cute kiddo who likes to play soccer but tells us he’s only “so-so.” We’d love to see him practice his skills with a family. He’s quick at math and got all of our problems right! He’d be a great fit for any family. Special Need: CL/CP Repaired

Host Children with Grants information

Please fill out your contact information and select the child or children you are interested in. Our adoption counselors will contact you with more information on these children.