I’d Recognize That Face Anywhere

I was excited to walk the halls of our beloved Dongguan orphanage, and I can happily say we have matched many of the orphans there who are looking for their family. There is one little boy from Dongguan who still waits on our photolisting, hoping his family finds him soon. As I came up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the orphanage, I turned the corner to see a beautifully arranged classroom with several children preparing the day’s materials. When they realized the Americans were coming, many sprang immediately for the door, laughing and talking in Chinese and English. I recognized many faces and was pleased to see the ones I knew would be home before too long. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a boy making his way down the hall, a face, like Zane’s in the shadow of the orphanage the night before, that I would know anywhere.

Our Beloved Bo!



If you keep up with our blogs, social media, and photolisting, you are probably aware of our efforts to place this amazing little boy, Bo. He was hosted in Summer 2014 by an incredible advocate family. We have shared his story far and wide, but we continue to wait for his forever family to find him. I burst with Joy and squealed his name! His smile lit up the room, and with a fist pump and a jump in his seat, he hollered back, “YEA!” Both of our smiles were from ear to ear, and I couldn’t believe I was finally getting to meet our precious Bo in real life.

Bo has Spina Bifida which keeps him in a wheel chair, but this little man doesn’t let that hold him back one bit. He can get in and out of his wheel chair with no problem and scoots around on the floor to accomplish anything he needs. He’s smart as can be, friendly, and all the caretaker’s say Bo is their favorite. It breaks my heart to continue to watch him wait, so if you think you might be his forever family, get in touch with us at mallory@gwca.org so we can bring this AMAZING little man home!

37 more kids met, 37 more lives we hope to change this winter. It was a long day so forgive me for the short post – tomorrow we’ll get to see more amazing kiddos and prepare for something I’ve been excited about since our last trip…so stay tuned to find out more!

– Shannon

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