Latvia Interview Trip Ends and a New Adventure Begins

Well that’s it – we survived! All told, Kayley and I probably spent around 6 hours in a car for the entirety of the interview trip. Despite the (literal) bumps in the roads, we had a great time. Our in-country team is wonderful, and we are so lucky to have them supporting our hosting program and kids there.


The big takeaway from this trip is that the children of Latvia are extraordinary. Quite a few of them were able to speak to us in some English, and all were eager to learn. It was the little things that we noticed that were so impressive – when we sat at tables to talk with the kids, they would push the chairs back under the table when they left. They said please, thank you, and were excited to try to answer questions in English (albeit a little shy at first!). We had to convince many of them to take a toy, and for those kiddos who were there with their sibling, they immediately shared. Older siblings took great care of their younger brother or sister – we could not have imagined a better group of kids.

Latvia hosting will be a real opportunity for all of these children to experience life in America. It is a wonderful chance for them to improve their English and spend time with a close knit family who can provide them with some direct love and care. Since most of the children live in foster families, they have experience with a family structure and prepared for some of the transition they will experience through hosting. What these children need is a better opportunity – an opportunity to learn English, get a better education, and improve their future.

The Latvia Winter Photolisting will launch tomorrow, Friday, August 13, 2015. If you’re ready to give these kiddos a chance, contact us at or start your application today!

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