Meet the Survivors

Many potential host families might look over the kiddos who don’t have photos available on the listing, but these kiddos are some of the sweetest and kindest kids around. Today we are spotlighting the tale of two brothers who have been through a lot together and who are still looking for their host family this winter!

These two brothers, “Gene and Tony,” survived Typhoon Ketsana in the while they were in the orphanage in the Philippines. Little Tony had to crawl across a cable wire in order to get to safety. However, despite the trials they have suffered, both of these little guys have turned out to be real sweethearts!


Gene is 12, and he never forgets to say goodnight to his caretakers, and he enjoys soccer and playing with the other kids in the group home. He’s also a high energy kiddo, participating in lots of sports and loves to get outside and play with other kiddos. This doesn’t stop him from being a great big brother – when they were younger, he would help his brother get ready for school and still sits with him every evening during meal time!

Tony is 10 and is a confident kiddo who participates in martial arts! Ask us about seeing a video one of our staff had the opportunity to take during our recent trip to the Philippines. He has a killer smile and loves to give out hugs and compliments. He likes to hear when he’s done the right thing – what a sweetheart!

Little families like Gene and Tony’s are often the hardest to find a family for. It is our hope that your family is ready to open your heart and home this holiday season to these two brothers – help us find their host family today! If you’re ready to host, get in touch with us at or call us at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3092.


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