One Step Closer to Family

matchedThis #ForeverFamilyFriday we wanted to acknowledge all of the kids from China and Latvia that have been matched for our upcoming Holiday Hosting programs! While each child has to return home after their hosting trip, this program plays a role in helping them take one step closer to finding their Forever Families.

Reviewing files can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to assume the worst when reading a diagnosis that’s listed in medical terms. The reality, however, is that many children’s needs can fall anywhere on a spectrum from very mild to more moderate or severe. This is where hosting steps in, to put a face and a personality to what was once just a medical file. By spending a month in America with a host family, these kids have the opportunity to experience the love of a family, and our host families have the opportunity to help change a child’s life forever.

There are still several children in need of host families for the winter. Will you help a child take one step closer to finding their Forever Family? Visit our Orphan Hosting photo listing today to learn how you can be matched!

Click here to visit the Orphan Hosting Photo Listing!

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