Second Summer Children Still Need Families!


The second group of China Hosting Children are scheduled to arrive in mid-July, which means we still have time to find some of these amazing children a host family. We have a number of healthy, older children and children with minor needs who are waiting for their families. Meet some of these amazing kids below, and contact Shannon at or call (512)323-9595 ext. 3101 to find out how you can become a host family.

Mr-Big-Smile-CS2-80 Mr. Big Smile was told to smile real big for the camera, and then he gave us the cutest cheesy grin! He’s a shy kiddo who speaks a little quietly, but he likes to play games and he follows directions. He loses focus a little easily but responds to redirection. He’d do great with a family ready to get him some proper schooling, love, and attention!

Special Need: institutional delay, hairy nevus

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The Writer told us she wrote on a novel and published it on the internet! What an accomplished little lady. She’s in foster care, but she told us she’d like to find a forever family. She does well in school, and she also does voice acting she told us! She was a little afraid of being videotaped, but she was a total sweetie. It is important that this young lady find a family that is ready to start the adoption process. She will turn 14 at the end of this year.

Special Need: Healthy, older 


Mr-Math-CS2-93 Mr. Math told us he does very well in math in school. He’s great at following directions, and he gets along well with the other children in the orphanage. His favorite sport is basketball, and he told us his favorite food is noodles!

Special Need: Hep B

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