Updates from the Rollercoaster!

We are on the rollercoaster ride of a hosting trip, and it’s turning out to be a bit literal this go around. Kayley and I have had the pleasure of seeing much of the Latvian countryside as our (super stellar, patient, wonderful!) guide and hosting representative Karina drove us to meet the children around different parts of the country. What we didn’t expect were the back country roads that remind us a lot about the rural parts of Texas. Dirt and gravel kicked up everywhere, and dust flew up behind us as we jostled up and down in the car. I hit the lottery of getting the middle seat, so I had the added benefit of a seat belt buckle in my back for most of the ride! This is the Latvian Hosting Team – we all made it on our bumpy ride.


No pain, no gain – the ride was worth it! We met with a number of kiddos at midday, but one young lady stood out to us. She told us her favorite subject is math, and that when she grows up, she wants to go into something likes statistics. She was quick with her answers and told us that she would love to come to America to improve her English. Many of the children expressed this desire, and most had some understanding of the language but were too shy to talk to us!

After a quick lunch in a picturesque village, we hopped back in the car for another, quite bumpy, hour and a half to meet another group of kiddos. We met an amazingly sweet sibling pair, an 11 year old girl and her 8 year old brother. The sister was so supportive of her brother and they were both sweet, well-behaved, and kind. At the foster home the children stay at, the children offered us the raspberries and cherries that grew in their garden and walked us around to show us flowers that they help to grow! We’ve been beyond impressed by how kind all of the children we have met so far have been – Latvian children are sweet and loving…and very excited to meet American host families! I particularly love them because they told me I look twenty today! Thanks kids!


Our Latvia photolisting will launch for early applied families starting Monday, August 10! Your application must be in to get early access to the photolisting. The photolisting will launch for all families starting Friday, August 15.

Keep following us to see more updates from the Latvia interview trip!

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