VIP Applications for China Winter Hosting Now Open!

In less than a week, the children for our China Summer Hosting Program will arrive to meet their families. At the same time, we will begin helping the next group of children who will be here this winter. The reality is that there are always older orphans around the world who need families and will benefit from hosting. We call this our ongoing journey because the fight to get children out of the orphanages and into a permanent family is one that is always ongoing.

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Our China Winter Hosting Photolisting will be launching soon, and families with applications on file prior to launch will have first access to see the amazing kiddos who will be available. If your family is interested in hosting this winter and has specific desires about the type of kiddo you’d like to host, get your application in now. This will ensure you get the best match with your hosting child and will get you started on the amazing journey that is hosting sooner! If you’d like to speak with our hosting staff about some of the children, contact us at today!

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