Why Host Through GWCA/CAN?

Duo HostThe Power of Orphan Warriors!

Our Orphan Hosting programs strive to make a difference in the lives of children in need by providing them with the opportunity to experience the love of a family outside of their orphanage or foster home. In doing so, each orphan takes one step closer to finding a loving and permanent family of their own, and it’s all made possible with the help of Orphan Warriors like you!

So Why Should You Host through GWCA/CAN?

  1. Permanency: Ultimately, our goal is for ALL of our adoptable host children to find their forever family after their first host trip, whether it’s their host family or a family within their community.
  2. Consistency: We have programs in both the Summer and the Winter, so whether you prefer to host during the summer when your kids are out of school, or during the winter when your host child will be able to experience the holidays with your family, it’s easier to find a time that fits into your family’s busy schedule!
  3. Knowledge: Our hosting team travels to meet and interview each each of the kids before the matching takes place. This ensures that you can have as much information as possible when deciding which kiddo would be the best fit for your family.
    ♥ For programs where some of the children have special needs, our hosting team is accompanied on their trip by a medical professional who is able to evaluate the children’s needs and ensure that they are safe to travel and participate in the program.
  4. Commitment: Our Orphan Hosting programs are run through our agency rather than a partner agency, making the transition from hosting to adoption much smoother.
  5.  All fees associated with our hosting programs are considered tax deductible donations, and go towards paying for much more than your child’s airfare, including:
    • Background checks
    • Home safety visit
    • Travel to an international hub
    • Hague Training courses – they’re all ONLINE, so you never have to leave the comfort of your home!
    • Medical Insurance for your child during the program
    • Adoption Application – If you move forward with the adoption of your host child, we’ll waive the application fee!

    ♥ Don’t let the cost of hosting keep you from making a difference, we have countless suggestions for fundraising, and several free alternatives such as being a chaperone host family, or a backup host family.
    ♥ All host families that move forward with the adoption of their host child are eligible to apply for our exclusive host-to-adopt grants!

It works!P1210836 (3) (2)

Our Orphan Hosting programs have a 75-80% placement rate for adoptable children. In the past several years we have seen these programs unite countless children with their forever families, and we’re just getting started! Check out our Host-to-Adopt blogs to see a couple children and families whose lives these programs have changed:

– Philippines: Host Family Becomes Forever Family

– China: Duo’s Host-to-Adopt Story

How Can I Get Involved? 

There are many ways to make a difference in the life of an orphan through our hosting programs, whether it’s by hosting a child yourself, or by making a contribution that will help another family bring them here! For more information, contact our hosting team today at (512)323-9595, or visit our Orphan Hosting Photo Listing to see the amazing kiddos that are participating in the program!

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