Wrapping Up Interviews!

Wow, we just wrapped up our final two days of interviewing. With over 60 kids met at 3 orphanages over two days, our hearts melted over and over again. This trip we have visited 6 orphanages, and each has  been so different. Some have been very nice…others, well, not so much. Many have amazing teachers who want the kids to excel, but just as many are left wanting in their education, which impacts them in more ways than one. Regardless of the conditions, the most important thing to remember is these kids just need to get out. We have one handsome young man in particular that I can’t help but gush over, and I must find this talented young man his host family, and forever family.
tony letter
This healthy young man goes by ‘Tony’. He knows quite a bit of English, how to play the trumpet, and has really great manners. He has been living with the same foster family for close to 10 years, and they seem like proud parents. They love him dearly but are hopeful that we will find him a forever family. Because they are unable to adopt him, without a forever family he will age out of the orphanage system and lose his chance at a bright future. With the help of his foster sister, he wrote the following narrative in English that he shared with us.
He’s one of those boys that needs a forever family before he faces a hard future with limited options. He’s such an incredible young man, and I would hate to see him overlooked as he gets older and closer to 14.
Can’t believe this trip is already over! It’s late so I’m heading to bed, early flight in the morning, but I will write more post upon our return!

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