Fundraising for Hosting

You are considering embarking on an incredible journey that will change your life and an orphan’s life for the better. Starting the Orphan Hosting Program process can be extremely exciting!

Many families want ideas for how to fundraise for their hosting experience – we’ve compiled just a few here that have worked our hosting families.

Click here for more family-tested fundraiser ideas!

Online FundraiserMatching GiftGarage Sale or AuctionBaby Bottle CampaignBlank PuzzleAmazon Affiliate

This website will allow you to raise money that can be directly deposited to GWCA/CAN for your Orphan Hosting Experience!

Hover on the “How It Works” drop down menu in the top left corner to find the “For Individuals” link. By clicking this, you’ll be able to navigate to information of fundraising for adoption agencies. Money raised through can be directly sent to GWCA/CAN, and any extra funds you raise can be put towards adoption if your Orphan Hosting experience goes well!

Begin fundraising through by clicking “Sign Up” in the top right hand corner of the site!

This website allows you to create an online fundraising tool for your Orphan Hosting experience.

Simply go to and click “Create Your Fundraiser” on the top right corner of the page. Make sure to identify as much information about why you are hosting – tell your story! This will help you raise more money for your Hosting experience!

You’ll be able to share your fundraiser through social media with your family, friends, and others who want to support you in participating in the Orphan Hosting Program!

Before you start a majority of your fundraising, consider proposing to a couple of close family members or friends that they consider a “matching gift.”

Whatever money you raise within an allotted amount of time, they match among themselves for your hosting.

Apply the money towards your hosting!

Ask individuals and/or local business to donate goods and services by letting them know about your goal of hosting.

Hold a garage sale in-person or online.

Others have started conducting group auctions each month, where they place new items in a basket and people could enter the giveaway at $5 per entry.

Buy baby bottles in bulk and design a flyer telling about your hosting to put inside each one. Hosting is still bringing a child into your family – even if they are a little past the bottle stage. Every child, no matter what age, deserves the love of a family.

Distribute the bottles to family, friends, neighbors, local businesses, pregnancy centers, day-care centers, or whoever may be willing to put their spare change in the bottles.

Give them a month to see how much they can get collected!

Buy a blank puzzle online or in a craft store.

Sell individual pieces of the puzzle for a set amount, and people’s names will be added to a puzzle piece for their donation.

Once all pieces have been sold, the puzzle can be assembled and framed with all the names of those who have donated on it.

The puzzle can either be displayed in your home or given as a gift to the child as a symbol of all the people who came together to bring him or her to your home for the hosting program!

A user-friendly option! Visit to find out how to become an affiliate. You can put a link on your blog or Social Media outlet for people to click to shop through whenever they visit Amazon.

When people shop Amazon through that link, you receive 10% of whatever their purchase cost.