While the thought of paying for hosting out of pocket can seem daunting, don’t let lack of funds discourage you or keep you from moving forward. Many host families have successfully raised funds to partially or completely cover their expenses! Whether you’re looking to raise awareness for your cause throughout your community or you’re seeking financial assistance, there are many ways that you can relieve the financial strain of hosting.

Below are a some of the methods that our families have used to successfully raise funds for hosting:

Fundraising Ideas

Host an Auction

  • Host an auction online or in-person
  • Have individuals and local businesses donate goods and services

Host an Online Fundraiser

  • Raise money for your hosting experience on a fundraising website like Pure Charity or YouCaring
  • Make sure to identify as much information about why you are hosting – tell your story! This will help you raise money for your hosting experience
  • Share the fundraiser with your friends and family

Matching Gift

  • Propose to close friends and family that they consider a “matching gift”
  • Whatever money you raise within a time period will be matched by them for your hosting

Frequent Flyer Miles

  • To fund for travel, join a Frequent Flyer Miles program or ask people to donate their miles

Send out Support Letters

  • Mail letters to family and friends telling them about your plans to host a child
  • Share the estimated costs with them and ask them to consider donating

Get Crafty

  • Utilize a hobby to make and sell items online
  • Examples: sewing/knitting, woodwork, photography, art, jewelry, greeting cards, etc.

Blank Puzzle

  • Buy a blank puzzle online or in a craft store
  • Sell individual pieces of the puzzle for a set amount, and people’s names will be added to a puzzle piece for their donation
  • Once all the pieces are sold, assemble the puzzle and frame it
  • Display the puzzle in your home or give it as a gift to the child you host

Amazon Affiliate 

  • Join Amazon as an affiliate, so people can click on your link to shop on Amazon
  • You will receive up to 10% in advertising fees of from qualifying purchases

Give it Up Challenge

  • Sponsors agree to give up a regular activity for a time period and donate that money towards your hosting fees (for example: give up coffee for a week = $30)

Beard Challenge

  • People who donate $5 to challenge someone in the community to grow a beard for a week, $10 for two weeks, $15 for three weeks, etc.
  • Don’t forget to let people know why you’re raising money!

Pancake Dinner/Flapjack Fundraiser

  • Check with local restaurants about hosting a charity breakfast or host in your home or a community space
  • Invite friends, family, and the community to the event (post flyers around town, at work, and send information to people you know)
  • Collect donations for the pancakes and/or conduct a raffle

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

  • Invite friends, family, and the community to your home or book a community space
  • Purchase or request a donation of food (depending on estimated attendance)
  • Charge an amount per person for the dinner
  • Collect donations and/or host a silent auction

Family Bowling Night/Bowling for Bucks

  • Rent out a couple of lanes or ask the local bowling alley about donating a portion of proceeds for the night to your fundraiser
  • Send out invitations for all ages to join
  • Consider making teams or setting up a bracket system with a winner
  • Collect donations and/or conduct a raffle


  • Host a cook-off with themes like BBQ, chili, soups, crawfish boils, etc.
  • Charge participants a fee to enter and/or collect donations
  • Select judges or let the guests vote for the winner

Car Wash

  • Wash cars to raise money for hosting. Reach out to friends and family to help wash and dry vehicles
  • Find a location with access to water and is easily seen by people driving by. Advertise a suggested donation such as $10 per car

Bingo or Trivia Night

  • Book a community space or local bingo hall
  • Charge an admission fee and/or collect donations
  • Get simple prizes donated for winner

Board Game Tournament

  • Invite friends and family into your home for a night of board games
  • Choose a fun and popular game like Sorry, Monopoly, Clue, Uno, or Trouble
  • Collect donations from guests

Adult Spelling Bee/Talent Show

  • Host the event at a local church, community center, or school that can lend sound equipment
  • Set up a spelling bee and/or talent show
  • Recruit a moderator and some judges
  • Charge an entry fee for contestants

Community Yard Sale

  • Host a yard sale and post flyers/signs to advertise for sellers and customers
  • Secure community space
  • Ask each seller to donate part or all of their profits to the cause
  • Collect items from friends or family to sell and/or sell snacks and drinks