Get Matched


  1. Application and Approval

    To  host  a  child(ren),  please  complete  our  agency  application. For  your  convenience,  we  have  made  it    available  to  you online  at   We  will  review your  eligibility  to host  and begin matching you with a host child once we have received  your  application. Meet the children available for hosting at our photolisting. Keep in mind the photolisting changes with every program and is typically current and available from February – May and from August – November. We  will  provide  you with our agency contract that outlines our fees and important information regarding the hosting process.

  2. Contract and Matching

    Upon receipt of your signed contract, your Program Coordinator will lock in your host child match, and send you all the forms you will need to fill out before your child can come to the U.S. You will also receive a host parent guide and other resources. You’ll also be matched with a host mentor and advocacy coach at this time, who will be there to support you along with your Program Coordinator.

  3. Documents and Training

    You will need to work on your documents as quickly as possible to ensure your child’s timely arrival to the U.S. for hosting. Your Program Coordinator will guide you through this process. If your documents  are  not  received  on  time,  the  foreign government reserves the right to cancel your hosting program. You will also need to complete important training online and via webinar so that you are prepared for your host child’s arrival.

  4. Hosting Costs

    The costs of hosting with Children of All Nations include some amazing benefits for families interested in adoption. If you choose to adopt with us, your hosting application will also serve as your adoption application, which means you don’t need to file again with a separate agency. Hosting fees also include Hague Training for adoption, which can often cost anywhere from $300-$500.We strongly encourage families to fundraise for their hosting experience. Some of our hosting families have been able to fundraise the entire amount for their hosting experience. Please see our page about methods and suggestions for fundraising.Keep in mind ALL costs paid for a hosting program are considered tax-deductible donations. There is $100 discount for each additional child when hosting more than one child.

    Program Costs:
    GWCA/Can Application:              $250
    China Hosting Donation:             $3250

    *Note that these costs are subject to change.

    Additional Expenses:
    Home Safety Visit (Varies by State – many families are able to have this donated)
    Clothes for Children (Gently used are fine)
    Living Expenses While Child is in Your Home
    Travel for Arrival and Departure to a specific domestic airport to pickup/return child (if applicable)