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joy-trip1We are so excited to announce that we are launching our second JOY Mission Trip! While our typical hosting programs take place here in the US, this is a sort of ‘reverse-hosting’ program, providing families with the opportunity to advocate and make a difference in a child’s life by flying to China to spend a week with them in the town where their orphanage is located! Families will be meeting several children, helping out around their orphanage, learning about Chinese culture, and sharing their experiences with families that are looking to adopt!

Spots in this program are limited and registration will be ending soon! If you’re interested in learning how you can give back through our JOY Mission trip, contact our hosting team today at!

Trip Details:

Where: Guangdong, China
When: October 30th- Nov 5th
Cost: $3000

Read One Family’s Journey – JOY: Spring 2016

“The car stopped in-front of Amelia’s orphanage gate.  She started to cry, sprung off my lap across the seat to the far side of the car.  She cried and shook her head from side-to-side.  She closed her eyes as if to wish the week to start over again.  I held her.  We got out of the car together. One of the caregivers offered her hand to take Amelia, but I wasn’t done yet.  I wasn’t going to let her go while in tears… I took several deep breaths, Amelia’s head fell to my shoulder.  I opened my heart and softly said the words, “You are safe. You are loved. You are lovable. You are loving.” I spoke this ten times.  Amelia  fell quiet, her breaths matching mine.   I placed her standing on the sidewalk, still holding hands.  We walked to the gate in calmness.  Quietly she took her caregivers hand and disappeared beyond the wall.” – Joy Mission Father

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