Hosting Older Children

All of the children in our Latvia Orphan Hosting program deserve a loving host family, but the older children are often left behind or overlooked simply because of their age. However, these kids deserve a chance as much as any child! They’re excited to be chosen by a host family. These children are eager to step out of their world and have new experiences. For families who host older children, the rewards are immense. Here are reasons to host an older child:

They Speak More English

Typically the older children can speak some English, and all of them are eager to learn more while they’re hosted in the US.

2. They Want To Be Hosted

Older children in our program decide to be a part of orphan hosting.  They know what they’re missing in life- a family that cares about them. These kids truly want to experience what it’s like to be part of a loving family.

3. They Can Have More Fun!

With older children, you can participate in all kinds of fun indoor and outdoor activities! Some ideas for Winter fun include ice skating, snowball fights, helping you bake or sledding.

4. They Can Share Their Culture With You

Older children can share what their life is like back home with you and teach you about Latvian culture. In return, they’re excited to learn about American culture!

5. They Need The Opportunity For A Brighter Future

Hosting an older child is an opportunity to positively change their life forever. Because they’re older, there is a sense of urgency for them to find a family to call their own. Hosting older children gives them a feeling of being loved, even if it is for a short time.

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