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The China Hosting Program is currently closed due to changes in China adoption policies. We appreciate your understanding.

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Our China Hosting Program was born out of the idea that every child needs a family. Hosting provides an opportunity for children in the orphanages who are considered “harder to place,” whether it’s due to age, gender, or need.

The children come to participate in the 4-5 week program here in the United States. While here, children in the program spend 5 weeks with a family. For many of the children, this is the first time they’ve had the love, structure, and support that a family provides! While many of our host families go on to adopt their host child, we also have what we call “advocate” families every program. These families may be complete in their own forever family but are willing and ready to host in order to give these children a chance at meeting their forever family. No matter what, bringing these children here to the United States is a life-changing experience not only for the children who are hosted…but for the families as well.

Our China hosting program is a successful way for us to advocate for these children in need. If you’re ready to start your journey as an orphan host family, contact us at

Most of the children in our hosting program have lived in the orphanages for almost all of their lives. Though usually well-cared for, these children have almost never experienced a sense of family and have lacked access to basic needs like general medical care, good nutrition, and education.

Children in China age out of the system at fourteen. The most common question we face in talking about the children in our hosting program is, “What happens when they age out?” Sometimes, a child may be allowed to stay on at the orphanage and help with the other children. What is far more common is that the children are sent to find work and live in a group home. Many of the children will end up on the street. What is certain is that children who age out have a very low chance of being able to continue to be a kid through their 18th birthday.

Hosting is the best opportunity we can provide because it gives families the opportunity to meet the children. Adopting an older kiddo, especially one who may have special needs, can be scary. Host to adopt and host to advocate families help us show the world that these kids are simply that…kids!

The costs of hosting with Children of All Nations include some amazing benefits for families interested in adoption. If you choose to adopt with us, your hosting application will also serve as your adoption application, which means you don’t need to file again with a separate agency. Hosting fees also include Hague Training for adoption, which can often cost anywhere from $300-$500.We strongly encourage families to fundraise for their hosting experience. Some of our hosting families have been able to fundraise the entire amount for their hosting experience. Please see our FAQs about methods and suggestions for fundraising.Keep in mind ALL costs paid for a hosting program are considered tax-deductible donations. There is $100 discount for each additional child when hosting more than one child.

Program Costs:
GWCA/Can Application:              $250
China Hosting Donation:             $3250

*Note that these costs are subject to change.

Additional Expenses:
Home Safety Visit (Varies by State – many families are able to have this donated)
Clothes for Children (Gently used are fine)
Living Expenses While Child is in Your Home
Travel for Arrival and Departure to a specific domestic airport to pickup/return child (if applicable)

Many families want ideas for how to fundraise for their hosting experience – we’ve compiled just a few here that have worked both for our hosting and our adoptive families. Since many adoption assistance grants will not cover costs of hosting, these resources are specific to homestay and hosting only. For adoption fundraising ideas, please see our Financial Assistance page on our Adoption websites.Search the Hosting & Homestay PhotolistingIn order to view the Children available for Hosting and Homestay you must complete the form on your right and


The children of the China are usually:

  • Boys and girls are from 7-13 years
  • Older, healthy children

For the China program, our interview staff has the amazing opportunity to interview and meet with each one of the kiddos who have the opportunity to be hosted. This means that, for us, each one of these children is more than a photo on our listing – they are a child with hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Their desires are simple, and we hear requests that would make any heart melt on our interview trips. Most of the children ask to learn things like how to swim or ride a bike because no one has ever been able to teach them to do so. Some of the children want to go to their park because their orphanage spends most of time indoors.

These are children who are a little bit older or may have a special need. Children with special needs will be independent and able to travel, and we are happy to speak with any family who would like to learn more about their child’s need.

What’s a Developmental Delay?

In orphanages around the world, access to education is very limited. If a child does not learn exactly the way other children do, the child may often be left behind. Children with speech impediments, undiagnosed ADD, unaddressed cleft lip or palate, mild cases of CP, or other needs often fall into this category. These are children that might thrive given better conditions and the one-on-one attention a family can provide, but in the orphanage, they are left behind and may be labeled as delayed.

The very fact of growing up in an orphanage will bring on some delays. Without the love and attention a family provides, plus access to good education, most of the children in hosting will be about a year behind what we might expect a child of their age to be. These children absolutely can catch up, and we have had so many host families tell amazing stories of their child’s transition into school, family life, and adjusting to their peers.

Children available for hosting are cleared for adoption at the time of being presented for hosting. GWCA/CAN partners exclusively with orphanages in China for hosting, and China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) determines the children who are available for hosting:

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  1. Application and Approval

    To  host  a  child(ren),  please  complete  our  agency  application. For  your  convenience,  we  have  made  it    available  to  you online  at   We  will  review your  eligibility  to host  and begin matching you with a host child once we have received  your  application.  If  approved,  we  will  provide  you with our agency contract that outlines our fees and important information regarding the hosting process.

  2. Contract and Matching

    Upon receipt of your signed contract, your Program Coordinator will lock in your host child match, and send you all the forms you will need to fill out before your child can come to the U.S. You will also receive a host parent guide and other resources. You’ll also be matched with a host mentor and advocacy coach at this time, who will be there to support you along with your Program Coordinator.

  3. Documents and Training

    You will need to work on your documents as quickly as possible to ensure your child’s timely arrival to the U.S. for hosting. Your Program Coordinator will guide you through this process. If your documents  are  not  received  on  time,  the  foreign government reserves the right to cancel your hosting program. You will also need to complete important training online and via webinar so that you are prepared for your host child’s arrival.

IMG_0223The  most  exciting  day  is  when  your  host  child  arrives! This  is when the magic happens: your  family’s  life and the  child’s  life are being forever impacted during this experience. You will do fun things together as a family, bond, and truly love on the child.

During the hosting program, you’ll have the support of staff in the office as well as access to an emergency number for after hours issues. All children travel with chaperones and a translator who is on hand to help if needed.

Once the children return home,  it’s time for you to either start your adoption paperwork  (if your child is adoptable),  or continue your advocacy to find the child a forever family. If you are starting on adoption paperwork, you will need to turn in your adoption agreement  through  GWCA/CAN  within  2  weeks  of  the  child returning. If you are advocating for your host child to find a  forever family, you can work with our team and your mentor to continue your advocacy efforts.