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Hosting Older Children

All of the children in our Latvia Orphan Hosting program deserve a loving host family, but the older children are often left behind or overlooked simply because of their age. However, these kids deserve a chance as much as any child! They’re excited to be chosen by a host family and finally feel loved. These children are eager to step out of their world and create new experiences. For families who host older children, the rewards are immense. Here are reasons to host an older child:

1. They speak more English

Typically the older children can speak some English, and all of them are eager to learn more while they’re hosted in the US.

2. They want to be hosted

Older children in our program choose to be a part of orphan hosting. They understand what they’re missing in life- a family that cares about them. These kids truly want to experience what it’s like to be part of a loving family.

3. They can have more fun!

With older children, you can participate in all kinds of fun indoor and outdoor activities! Some ideas for summer fun include swimming, playing sports, going to amusement parks, and going camping.

4. They can share their culture with you

Older children can share what their life is like back home with you and teach you about Latvian culture. In return, they’re excited to learn about American culture!

5. They need the opportunity for a brighter future

Hosting an older child is an opportunity to positively change their life forever. Because they’re older, there is a sense of urgency for them to find a family to call their own. Hosting helps by building their confidence and giving them hope for a better future.

Are you ready to host a child this summer and create new memories with them? View our photo listing to meet our available children and apply today! To learn more about orphan hosting, contact our Program Coordinator at katie@orphanhosting.com

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Top 5 Questions About Hosting

Orphan Hosting is a life-changing experience that gives children an opportunity to be loved by a family. As you consider opening your heart and home for the summer, our hosting team is available to answer your questions.

1. Am I eligible to host?

Here are the requirements for our Latvia hosting program:

Citizenship: One parent must be a US citizen, residing in the US.
Age: Generally between 27-55 years old, depending on the age and special needs of the child, if any.
Marital Status: Single women or men and married couples are generally eligible for Latvia.
Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence, or domestic violence are not eligible to host.
Health: Host parents must be in good health with no major medical or psychological concerns.

2. Do the children know English?

English varies with each child. Typically they know at least a few phrases, while some of them are fluent. All of the children are eager to learn more!

3. Are the children healthy?

The majority of the children in the hosting program are healthy. If they have some type of health concern, then it will be stated within their file.

4. What is the time length of the summer hosting?

The hosting program is for 4-5 weeks during the summer (typically between mid-June and mid-July).

5. If I cannot Host a Child, Can I still help?

YES, YES, YES! We are always looking for hosting advocates to spread the word about the program to friends, family, community and others on social media. Other opportunities also include hosting a chaperone, volunteering as an airport coordinator, or being a backup host family! Click here to learn how you can get involved.

If you would like more information on our Latvia Hosting Program, contact our Program Coordinator at katie@orphanhosting.com

Summer matching is coming soon: start your application and get access to our photo listing to learn about available kids!

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6 Reasons to Host an Orphan

Have you thought about hosting an orphan before? It’s a great opportunity to give back to a child in need. Through hosting, you can impact a child’s life forever. Here are 6 reasons why you should host a child from Latvia this summer!

1. Share the love of a family with a child

Many of these children have never experienced the love, warmth, and support of a family. Orphan hosting is a chance to show a child what it means to be loved.

2. It’s a life-changing cultural experience for the whole family

Hosting will change the lives of orphans and families! Not only will you be able to share American culture with a child, but you’ll also be able to learn about Latvian culture.

3. Give a child the gift of hope and love

These orphans come from different backgrounds and difficult circumstances. However, through hosting you can give them hope for a brighter future.

4. Show a child life outside the orphanage

Many of the children rarely experience life outside of their orphanages. You can show them all the world has to offer! They’re excited to spend time with you, whether it’s sightseeing, going to theme parks, or enjoying other fun activities.

5. Raise awareness for orphans worldwide

You can spread awareness in your community about these wonderful children and encourage others to host them! Find out today how you can volunteer and make a difference.

6. A child will touch your heart and impact your life

You’ll never forget opening your heart and home to a child and showing them that they’re cared for and loved. Read about how hosting changed families’ lives!

If you would like more information on our Latvia Hosting Program, contact our Program Coordinator at katie@orphanhosting.com 

Summer matching is coming soon: start your application and get access to our photo listing to learn about available kids!

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Rumblings in Latvia

International adoption laws and legislation are constantly changing and evolving, sometimes leaving agencies, families, and children unaware of how things will end up. It never gets any easier to hear that proposed changes can negatively impact the overall welfare of the children. That unfortunately is the case we are seeing with Latvia currently. The political climate in Latvia has been very tense lately, since the Minister has been getting a significant amount of domestic pressure to prioritize keeping the children with Latvian families in Latvia. As ideal of a situation this is, it is sadly unrealistic, continues to build more barriers, and narrows their chances from finding their forever homes.

On December 8th, the U.S. Department of State issued a notice confirming that the Latvian government has proposed changes in regulations of hosting programs and international adoption (full notice can be found here). To summarize what is being proposed, they would like to limit the hosting program to only children living in orphanages who are 12 years old and up. For adoption, they are seeking to limit intercountry adoption to only children living in the orphanage or those living in foster care with serious medical conditions.

We’ll keep you updated on whether or not the Latvian government passes this legislation on our website blog and Facebook page. Even if these legislative changes go into effect, that does not change our agencies’ goal to help advocate for as many children as possible. If anything, this is a call to action to help be the voices for these children. If your family is ready to make a lifelong impact on one of these children’s lives, please consider hosting during our summer program or beginning your adoption process. Contact me today at katie@childrenofallnations.com for more information!

-Katie, Latvia Hosting Program Coordinator and Latvia Adoption Counselor

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URGENT: Chaperone Host Family Needed!

***UPDATE*** A family has signed up to host Anda! We’re so excited for her to visit the US. Thank you to everyone for your support! If you would like to volunteer to be a backup host family, click here for more information!

Our Latvia Winter Hosting Program is well underway, and the children will be here in less than a month! Each group of kids is accompanied by a chaperone, who escorts and supports the children during the program.

We are looking for volunteers to serve as chaperone host families. It is completely free to be a chaperone host family, and you’ll even receive a small stipend for hosting! All you need is a spare bedroom and an open heart. You would be hosting a chaperone for four weeks (starting the 3rd week of December). It’s a great opportunity for you to meet the amazing caregivers and translators who are here to support the children throughout the program. It’s also a neat opportunity for the chaperones to visit America and learn our customs around the holidays.

Our chaperone from Latvia knows English, and she needs a host family in the New York area. She’s a teacher and loves making arts and crafts. Also, she enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, and meeting new friends. If you live in New York or one of the adjacent states and would like to host her, please contact our Program Coordinator Katie today at katie@orphanhosting.com or 512-323-9595 ext. 3061!

It’s through your service that we are able to help the amazing children of the Orphan Hosting Programs! If you’re ready to become a chaperone host family, you can start your FREE application here!

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Last Chance for Hope

We have re-opened matching for TWO days only! We just received files of two amazing sisters who are still waiting to find their host family. Being selected means they get to spend Christmas with a loving family instead of at the orphanage, wondering why they weren’t chosen. Ever since we learned about these girls, they’ve been tugging at our heartstrings, and we would love to see them spend the holidays full of hope and joy.

These sweet girls can be hosted together or separately. M is 11 years old and Mg is 13 years old. They have both been hosted before, but unfortunately these families were unable to re-host them for this upcoming program. They live in an orphanage with their brother and would love nothing more than to spend the holidays in a loving and caring home. Their brother is being hosted, so they are waiting to hear if they will be hosted too.

The orphanage director reached out to our representative specifically requesting to find these girls a winter host family. We have a $300 scholarship available for each girl, and if you host them together, you’ll receive a $700 scholarship! Will you host them and make their dreams come true?

Since hosting is coming to a close, families must be ready to complete all necessary documents and payments no later than the end of this week. Please contact our Program Director Katie at katie@orphanhosting.com or 512-323-9595 ext. 3061 immediately to begin your hosting journey!

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The Children Left Behind

The deadline for winter hosting is in just TWO days, and many kids are still waiting to be chosen for winter hosting! Being selected is the difference between spending Christmas with a loving family and spending Christmas wondering why they were left behind.

Below are just a few of the wonderful kids who are still hoping that a family will say, “YES, we choose you!” To learn more about them, visit our photo listing today or contact our Program Coordinator Katie at katie@orphanhosting.com. Don’t miss your chance to change one orphan’s life forever!

Meet This Sweet Boy!

He’s honest and helpful! He enjoys playing with friends, sports, and rollerskating. He’s also learning English. Visiting America and going to an amusement park is something he dreams about. He wants to be hosted very much!

He loves Disney and enjoys biking, skating, and playing sports. He likes helping with younger kids. If something is wrong, he does really well with talking and hugging it out! He really hopes to visit Disneyland or a zoo.

Meet This Calm Boy!

He loves to draw, make arts and crafts, and play games. He gets along well with other kids and adults. He takes good care of himself and communicates well. He would fit in with any family!


– Learn more about Orphan Hosting
– Visit the Orphan Hosting Photo Listing
– Contact an Orphan Hosting Specialist!

*Due to privacy regulations with the Latvian government, their full photo is not allowed to be posted publicly – please contact our team to learn more.

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Meet This Dynamic Duo!

These siblings are so sweet and smart! They would love to spend time with a family this holiday season. The older sister enjoys making DIY handmade crafts and knitting. She’s very helpful with younger kids. The brother is active and loves sports. He likes to perform little shows and sometimes will even perform a musical!

Would you give them a Christmas they’ll never forget? Request their files or contact our Program Coordinator Katie today at katie@orphanhosting.com to learn more about them! The deadline to be matched for 2017 winter hosting is this Friday October 20th, so click here to apply today and be a part of something more!

Why host a Sibling Pair?

1. Double the Fun!

Why host one when you could have two? A sibling group will give you double the fun of hosting and create great memories for the children to share with each other when they return after hosting.

2. A little family for your family!

Sibling groups are often the hardest to get hosted, so you can help keep a little family together! They have often formed strong family bonds with each other and do well bonding with a host family as well. Consider bringing a little family into your family this winter!

3. Shared Past for a Shared Future

Sibling groups have often stuck by each other through thick and thin. They come with a shared past, but they can look forward to a shared future with your family. Make some memories with a sibling group this holiday season!

4. Plus, you’ll get a $100 discount on the hosting donation cost!


– Learn more about Orphan Hosting
– Visit the Orphan Hosting Photo Listing
– Contact an Orphan Hosting Specialist!

*Due to privacy regulations with the Latvian government, their full photo is not allowed to be posted publicly – please contact our team to learn more.

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Life in an Orphanage

“I have not always lived in an orphanage. Before I was an orphan, I was just a normal boy…
One day I woke up in a new place that was unfamiliar to me… new faces… new smells… new everything…
This was not my home, yet everyone kept telling me this was my home…
Every day I wake up feeling alone – wondering if I will always be surrounded by other kids who also feel alone…
Every night I go to bed knowing I went another day without a hug or having someone tuck me in at night…
Every day I am expected to help take care of the younger kids… what they don’t see is that I myself need taking care of…
Every Christmas I go another year without having a present under the tree with my name…
Every day I hold on to the fact that maybe it won’t always be this way…”

Sadly, many children have similar stories like this. They go years without spending one-on-one time with a parent or even a caregiver. Being institutionalized every day, they lose a little bit of hope that they will have a better future.

While many of us are eagerly anticipating and prepping for the winter holidays… many of these children dread it. It really brings into reality that it’s just another year they won’t be spending with a family.

This hosting program means so much more to these kids than simply “taking a vacation.” It boosts their confidence and their spirits. After, all it is the season of giving – why not give the gift of love? While not all of the kids in our hosting program live in orphanages, a good majority of them do. Your family has the opportunity to be that beacon of hope and love for them this winter program.

-Katie, Orphan Hosting Program Coordinator

Meet Our Featured Kids from Orphanages

These incredible kids are still waiting for host families this winter! The deadline to apply for Latvian Winter Hosting is October 20th, 2017. Time is running out, so don’t miss out on your chance to change an orphan’s life forever! To learn more about our available kids, request their files today!


– Learn more about Orphan Hosting
– Visit the Orphan Hosting Photo Listing
– Contact an Orphan Hosting Specialist!

*Due to privacy regulations with the Latvian government, their full photo is not allowed to be posted publicly – please contact our team to learn more.

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