Hosting Volunteers Needed!

China Matched Winter

We did it! We have completed the matching for our Holiday Hosting programs, and we’re so excited to begin preparing families for the arrival of our sweet host children. However, we still need your help! We are currently looking for both Backup Host Families, and Chaperone Host Families. This is your family’s opportunity to make a difference this holiday season, by opening your doors and welcoming a guest!

We are currently in need host families living in or within driving distance of Houston, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. If your family is interested, apply online or contact today to learn how you can get involved!

Read more about being a Backup Host Family here!

Read more about being a Chaperone Host Family here! 

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5 Things We Want You to Know About Hosting

The hosting team works with the children in the hosting program day in and day out – we come to love each and every child on our photolisting, and we care passionately about whether or not they find a family. Below are five things we want every family to know about why hosting is so important.

1. The Children Are Older

We get a number of inquiries about hosting children who are under the age of 6. While children of this age are also searching for their forever families, children over the age of 6 are the best served by hosting. Children ages 7 and up are hard to find families for – these are kiddos who sit in orphanages and foster homes and watch while their younger friends find a family. Hosting is an opportunity for these children to come to the United States, stay with a family, and show potential parents here that a 9 year old is not so scary, that he or she deserves a home, too.

From a practical perspective, children under age 6 struggle with the travel and adjustment much more than older child. The hosting team always tries to put it in perspective – imagine yourself as a 4 year old, put on a plane the first time with a number of other children you may not know, taken to a strange place where everything looks, smells, and feels different, and then a stranger tries to hug you. We’d be terrified, too! It’s very difficult to put a child this young through this type of travel, so hosting is most beneficial for children who are emotionally ready to handle travel.

2. Every Child is Perfectly Imperfect

We want every family to host or adopt a child that is best suited to their family – the best fit for the family is ultimately the best fit for the child, too. Families should do their research, be prepared for a medical need, and be aware of the emotional extras that being an orphan comes with.

Whether or not children have a medical need, each child we work with is perfectly imperfect. Whether it’s hearing loss or a history of abuse, these children have a “need,” on the most basic of levels, their need is that they have been neglected. You might read in your host child’s file that he isn’t doing so well in school or she is afraid of hugs – what we want to stress is that this doesn’t mean that child will ALWAYS do poorly in school or shy away from hugs. What it does mean is that he’s never had a parent to sit down and help with homework (or he was never given the opportunity to go to school at all). She may have never been hugged before, so the idea of someone coming at her with open arms is scary. No child is perfect, but we can help them through their little imperfections with patience and time. Your host child may warm up to the one-armed side hug after a great meal or ask you to read to them after a year of being home. It is these amazing milestones that show us these children all have potential – we just need to show it to them.

3. Boys Boys Boys

Our experience in orphanages, particularly those in China and Philippines, has been one of overwhelmingly boys in need. We get questions often about why there aren’t more girls on our photolisting for hosting. Simply put, girls are more likely to be adopted at a younger age, and boys are growing up in the orphanages. Hosting is a great way to serve the 7-14 year old boys that deserve a chance at a family.

We want to encourage families to consider hosting a boy. For many of our boys, they really only have two “special needs” – they are an orphan…and they are a boy. Every program we see healthy boys go unchosen for hosting; let’s change that for them!

4. Hosting Costs

There is a cost to host, and we completely understand that it’s the biggest obstacle for most families to participate in the program. All of the costs of hosting go directly towards the children’s travel – from processing their documentation, to ensuring they are healthy enough to travel, down to the plane tickets to get them here. Host families sponsor the travel of an orphan to come here to spend time in the US. This cost is tax deductible because you are providing humanitarian services to an orphan in need. You’ll receive a tax deductible letter from our office!

We strongly encourage all families to fundraise – some families have not only been able to fundraise the cost of their hosting experience but put money towards their host kiddo’s adoption as well. Here are some great ideas that have worked for host families previously.

5. We are real people!

When you’re considering adoption, it can often feel like we are the big agency that is the face of all the paperwork and costs that you have to trudge through in order to get your child home. However, we love and adore these children (almost) as much as our families do. For the hosting team, this is particularly true because we have met each one of the children. We remember faces, favorite colors, and cute things our kiddos did during the hosting interview.

We’ve also watched our families come together through the hosting process, and we’ve seen the change that hosting brings in each child. We’re there at the airport, stressed and worried about each flight getting here on time and each child safely landing. From the kiddo who is terrified to leave his chaperone on arrival day to the child who lovingly hugs his host mom and dad before he leaves, we watch each one of these moments and fall in love with hosting all over again. We’re here with you every step of the way, and we want you to know that we care!

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New York and New Jersey Families – We Need You!

The fearless duo - blur

Children of All Nations has just received approval from the Philippines to expand our hosting program to include families living in New York and New Jersey! This means that we are now able to work with families living in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Georgia! This huge. We still have some incredible kids waiting. Now is your chance to give the gift of family!

If you or someone you know is currently living in one of these approved states and may be interested in hosting a child this holiday season, call us today. Families that apply before October 15th will receive a $250 gift towards their hosting fees!

During Business Hours:

(512)323-9595 ext. 3101   or   (512)323-9595 ext. 3102

After Hours and on weekends:

(512)323-9595 ext. 3094

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$250 Hosting Gift Today Only


In an effort to make sure each child has the opportunity to spend this holiday season with a family, today EVERY CHILD on our Orphan Hosting Photolisting has a $250 gift toward his or her hosting costs. (Any child who already has a scholarship will receive the $250 in addition to their current scholarship.)

Any family who applies before 11:59 pm this evening (11.14.2015) will receive $250 off their second hosting payment. We want as many families and as many children as possible to have the opportunity to connect, to love, and to feel the joy of family this winter!

To get started, visit our photolisting to find your host child, send us an email at, or start your application NOW! There are a limited quantity of these gifts available, so start today on your hosting journey.


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We Were Abandoned (Scholarships Available)


It’s the other “A” word in the adoption community. No matter what country, most of the stories we hear about the children we serve begin with the same word – abandoned. Whether they were left at birth or left as an older child, the heartache we feel for our children is the same. The children in the photo above all represent a story that begins with abandonment.

Many families wonder how this abandonment affects the children, especially the older children, of our hosting program. The tale of The Survivors, two brothers from the Philippines, is one that clearly demonstrates the pure hearts and resolves of these orphans. E & A are 11 and 13 – like so many of the children we see, they are small for their age. At ages 3 and 5, they were abandoned by their mother after their father’s death. The children briefly spent some time in the care of a local family before they were placed in the orphanage. The children in orphanages simply do not get the nutrition they need to grow, so E & A are small but sweet.


E&A didn’t only earn their nicknames from surviving abandonment – they were at the orphanage when a typhoon hit the Philippines. E was treated for exposure to the water, and A managed to climb to safety across a cable wire. They were 7 and 5 years old.

From her trip in the Philippines, our director sent email after email about these two boys in particular. “Have they found a family?” “We must find them a family.” “Look at the video of the boys doing martial arts – aren’t they cute?!” “These boys need a family.”


They deserve somewhere to call home, someone to say they matter, and someone to tell them the word abandon will never be a part of their story again.

They don’t just need a family – they deserve a family. These are boys that would thrive with the love and affection a family could give them. Older brother E makes friends with everyone and helps his younger brother fit in. Little brother A loves to read, which means he’s doing well in school, and best of all he loves to be hugged. According to their social worker, these brothers long to be a part of a family. Despite everything they have been through, they are able to love and long to be loved in return.

If you’re ready to make a home for E & A, there is a $500 scholarship available towards their hosting costs. Contact our hosting staff at to find out how we can change abandonment to adoption and start a better life for these two children.

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Ya Ya’s Story

I was innocently browsing through Facebook one day this fall when I saw the post. “Host families needed” it read. Intrigued, I clicked on the link and quickly requested a password to see the profiles of the waiting children. One smiling face stood out and I was immediately drawn in. I called and received more information over the phone and the anticipation set in; the anticipation of having a familiar conversation with my husband. “So, I was on the internet today and I saw this little girl…” it began.  We agreed to host Ya Ya over Christmas and advocate for her.

We drove through the night that cold December morning and arrived at O’Hare airport before the sun rose. We met with some of the waiting families and soon, a group of children, led by chaperones started towards us. And there she was! She was much, much tinier than we had imagined, full of smiles and not afraid.  I motioned to her and she came right over and gave us hugs. Our 9 year old daughter gave her a doll and she latched onto her right away. She was amazed by everything around her, automatic flushing toilets, doors that opened on their own, everything was new and exciting.

We arrived home and were greeted by the rest of the family. Ya Ya immediately was drawn to our son, Ashton, who shared something in common with her, Down syndrome.  They became good buddies over the month she was here. Ya Ya was sweet, gentle and kind with him. She fit in very well with everyone, after a few initial struggles between her and our almost 3 year old son. I believe he thought she was much closer to his age as she was so small. Once they (he!) worked out their “differences,” all was well!

Ya Ya fit in amazingly well! Everyone around us wondered how she would adapt, how would she understand us, what if she is upset, how will you communicate with her??? We used Google Translate and she understood very well! She is very expressive and we could tell by her reactions if she understood or not. Her English was pretty limited, but that did not stop her from playing and interacting.  She enjoyed showing us that she could count in English and liked to use the phrases that she picked up. We discovered her love of dancing around the second week here and dance parties were a regular happening around here!

Ya Ya is bright, inquisitive and catches on quickly. The fact that she had Down syndrome really wasn’t a concern of ours as our son has Down syndrome. She could do far more than we imagined! She was completely independent with her personal hygiene; showering, brushing teeth, getting dressed, combing her hair she did all by herself. Honestly, I think she trumps our 9 year old when it came to taking care of that independently! She enjoyed playing with dolls, our play kitchen, coloring and painting. Her artistic “skills” were a bit lacking, but she played well with toys.

As our visit drew to a close, I found myself panicked and a bit weepy thinking about sending her back “home.”  After some discussion, we made the decision to move forward with adoption. It just felt right, especially after being able to see how she fits in with our family. I have to admit that while she was here, I found a message board discussing hosting programs. Several people posting on the site were aghast that children with Down syndrome were being brought over as part of the host program. They wondered how they would understand what this was all about and how would they react when it was time to go back? I can say first hand that she handled it great! We started talking about going back to China about 10 days  before her departure. We talked about how excited her friends would be to see her and that she could share her new things with them.  At the airport, she played and interacted with her friends while waiting for the plane. When it was time to go, she gave Baba a big hug and boarded the plane waving with a smile on her face. We are so grateful for this experience and for this ray of sunshine we will now have in our home forever!

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Why Host Through GWCA/CAN?

Duo HostThe Power of Orphan Warriors!

Our Orphan Hosting programs strive to make a difference in the lives of children in need by providing them with the opportunity to experience the love of a family outside of their orphanage or foster home. In doing so, each orphan takes one step closer to finding a loving and permanent family of their own, and it’s all made possible with the help of Orphan Warriors like you!

So Why Should You Host through GWCA/CAN?

  1. Permanency: Ultimately, our goal is for ALL of our adoptable host children to find their forever family after their first host trip, whether it’s their host family or a family within their community.
  2. Consistency: We have programs in both the Summer and the Winter, so whether you prefer to host during the summer when your kids are out of school, or during the winter when your host child will be able to experience the holidays with your family, it’s easier to find a time that fits into your family’s busy schedule!
  3. Knowledge: Our hosting team travels to meet and interview each each of the kids before the matching takes place. This ensures that you can have as much information as possible when deciding which kiddo would be the best fit for your family.
    ♥ For programs where some of the children have special needs, our hosting team is accompanied on their trip by a medical professional who is able to evaluate the children’s needs and ensure that they are safe to travel and participate in the program.
  4. Commitment: Our Orphan Hosting programs are run through our agency rather than a partner agency, making the transition from hosting to adoption much smoother.
  5.  All fees associated with our hosting programs are considered tax deductible donations, and go towards paying for much more than your child’s airfare, including:
    • Background checks
    • Home safety visit
    • Travel to an international hub
    • Hague Training courses – they’re all ONLINE, so you never have to leave the comfort of your home!
    • Medical Insurance for your child during the program
    • Adoption Application – If you move forward with the adoption of your host child, we’ll waive the application fee!

    ♥ Don’t let the cost of hosting keep you from making a difference, we have countless suggestions for fundraising, and several free alternatives such as being a chaperone host family, or a backup host family.
    ♥ All host families that move forward with the adoption of their host child are eligible to apply for our exclusive host-to-adopt grants!

It works!P1210836 (3) (2)

Our Orphan Hosting programs have a 75-80% placement rate for adoptable children. In the past several years we have seen these programs unite countless children with their forever families, and we’re just getting started! Check out our Host-to-Adopt blogs to see a couple children and families whose lives these programs have changed:

– Philippines: Host Family Becomes Forever Family

– China: Duo’s Host-to-Adopt Story

How Can I Get Involved? 

There are many ways to make a difference in the life of an orphan through our hosting programs, whether it’s by hosting a child yourself, or by making a contribution that will help another family bring them here! For more information, contact our hosting team today at (512)323-9595, or visit our Orphan Hosting Photo Listing to see the amazing kiddos that are participating in the program!

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Bringing Bennett Home

¦e-¦+¦ (2)Last January I had the pleasure of meeting four incredibly talented kiddos all from the same orphanage that live together in a foster family. I had never met children so incredibly gifted, confident, and happy, especially being orphaned. Three of the four children were selected to participate in our Summer Hosting Program. Every time I shared their stories with families I would get so excited as they truly represent the resilience that so many of these children have. I was thrilled that all three were matched with incredible families and two of them were even coming to Texas!

¦e-¦+¦ (1)The kids came and had an incredible time. All three returned to China just last month, all with families in process to bring them home forever. On departure day I had the pleasure of spending some time with their chaperone and music teacher. The main woman responsible for all of their ‘awesomeness’. She was so excited to share about their experiences here in the US but quickly turned to me and with a frustrated face, said “What about ‘Bennett’, why was he left out?”


We meet at least 100 kids on each interview trip and many times groups travel from orphanages to meet us, bring a group of children and not all of them are brought for the program. The one little boy that we “left out” was so incredible. We wanted us to bring him so terribly bad. After much debate we decided not to include him on our list as a precaution of his medical need and what could occur on a hosting trip.

Forward 8 months ¦e-¦+¦ (5)to that day in the airport with a very upset concerned teacher/mother. With our language barrier we talked more about Bennett and I apologized for not bringing him and said, we can advocate and find him a family. After the events of departure day settled down I was contacted by an incredible advocate about our little, ‘Bennett’. It turns out not only is Bennett an incredible kid, he is the 4th man to this adorable little quad of friends. These four kiddos do EVERYTHING together, school, arts, life, and play, they are always together. They are the best of friends and practically siblings. Here is the tough part, Bennett’s friends are all be adopted and will be home with their forever families no later than next summer and Bennett is currently being left behind. That’s where we need help. We are actively looking for a forever family for this handsome guy and it would be even more awesome if that family could be in Texas or south Carolina, so Bennett and his buddies can keep in close contact.

To learn more about Bennett contact

¦e-¦+¦ (7)

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Donate Now! Give the Gift of Family

Winter Orphan Hosting Program

This holiday season, 50 orphans from China, the Philippines, and Latvia hope for the chance to make gingerbread houses, open presents, and decorate a tree. The cost of hosting an orphan is around $3,000. With your help, we can provide scholarships for families willing to open their hearts and homes to children most in need.

Any amount goes a long way – will you help give a child the gift of family this winter? Donate $5, $10, or as much as you can!

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Meet the Survivors

Many potential host families might look over the kiddos who don’t have photos available on the listing, but these kiddos are some of the sweetest and kindest kids around. Today we are spotlighting the tale of two brothers who have been through a lot together and who are still looking for their host family this winter!

These two brothers, “Gene and Tony,” survived Typhoon Ketsana in the while they were in the orphanage in the Philippines. Little Tony had to crawl across a cable wire in order to get to safety. However, despite the trials they have suffered, both of these little guys have turned out to be real sweethearts!


Gene is 12, and he never forgets to say goodnight to his caretakers, and he enjoys soccer and playing with the other kids in the group home. He’s also a high energy kiddo, participating in lots of sports and loves to get outside and play with other kiddos. This doesn’t stop him from being a great big brother – when they were younger, he would help his brother get ready for school and still sits with him every evening during meal time!

Tony is 10 and is a confident kiddo who participates in martial arts! Ask us about seeing a video one of our staff had the opportunity to take during our recent trip to the Philippines. He has a killer smile and loves to give out hugs and compliments. He likes to hear when he’s done the right thing – what a sweetheart!

Little families like Gene and Tony’s are often the hardest to find a family for. It is our hope that your family is ready to open your heart and home this holiday season to these two brothers – help us find their host family today! If you’re ready to host, get in touch with us at or call us at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3092.

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