Smiles with Santa

The children of the Winter 2015-2016 Hosting Program have been here for over three weeks, and we’ve seen some amazing changes already in the kiddos. From first hugs to the first time meeting Santa – we’ve watched these children grow and change the lives of their host families, too!

Check out some of the photos of our hosting children having the time of their lives with their host families. Don’t forget – we have many amazing HOST TO ADVOCATE children looking for a forever family in our China Program. You can check out their profiles over at this page, and contact us at to get more information about adopting a host child.

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If you really need a smile, watch one of our China Host kids enjoying a game with his host family – his laugh will warm your heart!


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The Latvia Winter Host Kids Have Arrived!

Latvia Arrival1 THEY’RE HERE! We are so happy to announce that all of the kids from our Latvia Winter Hosting program have landed safely in the United States! Each of our host families has been anxiously awaiting this moment for weeks, preparing for a holiday season of fun with their host kids.

We are so excited for all of these kiddos and their host families, and we look forward to following their journeys over the course of the next month! Follow along with us by visiting our Orphan Hosting Blog to see updates!

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The Countdown is On…Hosting Children Arrive this Week!

We can’t believe it’s finally here – this week and next, children from two of our amazing Orphan Hosting programs will be landing here in the United States to meet with their host family. It’s a wonderful time of new beginnings and sharing for the kids. This Friday, our children from Latvia will touch down on the East Coast and then head out with their host families to spend the holidays together. Next Friday, our children from China touch down on both coasts, East and West, and spread out over the United States!

IMG_0223If you’ve ever wondered what arrival days are like, the chaos of the photos gives a good indication! It’s a blur of TEAM CAN t-shirts, smiles, hugs, a little bit of shyness, and a whole lot of love. For us, it’s the moment we get to see all the work that’s gone into hosting come to light. It’s the first moment it becomes real – a child steps out from the doors, and we start to see families born.

Since our hosting programs have launched, we’ve seen the change that hosting brings, in both the children and the families! The biggest surprise we love to see is that families talk about how hosting has affected their lives in little and big ways. To keep up with the journey that families are going through, continue to follow our blog for our Uplifting Moments Blog Posts. It includes some of our favorite moments from hosting – the “moment of the week” from families when there was a little bit different light in their host child’s eye, the first hug, the first bike ride…all those little moments you remember as a parent that these families now get to experience in the span of one short hosting program!

The children are here through January, and then of course, the next group of children will need advocacy. If you’re interested in learning more about either becoming a host family or becoming an advocate for these amazing children, please reach out to us! You can find out more by contacting or by calling (512) 323-9595 ext. 3102.

Thanks for following our families’ and children’s hosting journeys!

~ Shannon & Cayce

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Volunteers Needed – Will You Give Thanks AND Give Back?

An Open Heart and a Voice to be Heard

The Hosting Program depends on the passion and commitment of volunteers – it’s YOUR VOICE that finds a family for just one more child.


Our winter program will see 50 children from three different countries come to meet a family, and potentially find a forever family. The task of not only hosting but of finding FOREVER families for these children is significant, and there is always room for your voice to join the cause. The effort to promote and place each one of these children is in our hands – will you lend yours?

If you have a hand to lend for these children and a desire to spread the word to change the life of just one child, we would love to call you a part of the CAN Host Family. It is long work, but it is work that is worth it to see these children find their family. You can contact us at or start your volunteer application here.

Want to Get Your Church Involved?

If you would like to have your church participate in Orphan Hosting, whether it’s through sponsoring a specific child or family through hosting, please contact our office at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3102. We’re also happy to speak with your church or group about Orphan Hosting.

Materials You Can Share

You can download and share the following resources to your friends, family, and church. This allows us to reach more families at a lower cost, thereby helping even more children along the way. We hope these materials are useful as you advocate for our amazing children!

What Do I Do?

♥ Email cards to Friends
♥ Share on Facebook
♥ Share cards at your church
♥ Repeat!

Printable Card FrontHosting-Post-Card-Front






Printable Card BackHost-Postcard-Back







You can reach the Volunteer Coordinator Cayce Canipe for more information at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3102!

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Program Spotlight – The Philippines

Our Philippines program is extra special. It is the first program in which the country has specifically asked Children of All Nations to run the program as a “host to adopt” program. We’re looking for permanent families for these children, and we’re very passionate about doing so!


It also means that families interested in hosting from the Philippines must have a serious intention of adopting from the Philippines. Even though hosting is designed to let you meet your host child, the Philippines likes a strong commitment to the idea of adoption.

Families should meet adoption qualifications in order to be able to host from the Philippines. They should also be prepared for lots of love – because these kiddos are amazing!

Children from the Philippines

Healthy: Almost all of the children in our Philippines hosting program will be healthy. Many of them are small for their age due to malnourishment and street life, and they will have the emotional scars that come from growing up without a family.

Older: The children in our Philippines program will typically be between ages 9-14. We do not often see children under the age of 10 who are by themselves – they are usually part of a sibling group.

Sibling Groups: Many of the children in our Philippines program will be part of a sibling group. We work hard to keep siblings together, so if you have an open heart and home for these “little families,” the Philippines program may be a great fit for you!

Currently, our Philippines program is available in the following states: Texas, Florida, Georgia, New York, and New Jersey.

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Chaperone Host Families Needed!

Our Winter Hosting Program is well under way, and the children will be here in less than a month!

China Matched Winter

We still need some amazing volunteers to help contribute to our Orphan Hosting Program – we are most especially looking for volunteers to serve as Chaperone Host Families.

It is completely free to be a Chaperone Host Family. All you need is a spare bedroom and an open heart! You have the option of hosting a chaperone for either two or four weeks, which is half or all of the hosting program. It’s a great opportunity for you to meet the amazing caregivers and translators who are here to support the children throughout the program. It’s also a neat opportunity for the chaperones to visit America and learn our customs around the holidays.

Our chaperone from Latvia knows English, and she needs a host family in the New York area. If you live in New York or one of the adjacent states and would like to host Laura, please email Cayce at We also need host families for our China chaperones in the Tennessee, Illinois, California, and New York! If you’re able to host a China chaperone in one of these areas, please email Shannon at

It’s through your service that we are able to help the amazing children of the Orphan Hosting Programs! If you’re ready to become a Chaperone Host Family, you can start your FREE application here!


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Can I Host?

There are so many questions that revolve around hosting. Am I ready? What if I’m not interested in adopting? What if I am? What do I need to host? What do I need to provide? Question after question – and we have the answers for you!

For general eligibility, many of our programs are similar. As a general rule, families should be the following requirements:

  • Citizenship: One parent must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Age:  Generally between 29-60 years old, depending on the country and the special needs of the child, if any.
  • Marriage  Status:    Single women  and  married  couples  are generally eligible in both countries, and single men can be considered on a case by case basis for Latvia.
  • Criminal History:  Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence or domestic violence are not eligible to host
  • Health:  Host parents must be in good health with no major medical or psychological concerns.


But there are often bigger questions that aren’t so easy to answer with a general eligibility check. What do I need to have? Do the children come with clothes? Should I take off work?

The children need to have their own bed to sleep in while with a host family. Many of the children share a room with a sibling of the same gender – this actually may be comforting to the children, as many of them will never have slept in a room alone before. If you’re hosting a child and you have no other children, consider keeping a nightlight in the room to comfort them when they sleep.

Many of the children will come with few to no possessions, so host families should be prepared to provide clothing for their host kiddo while they’re here. Gently used hand me downs and thrift store finds are a great idea – taking a host child shopping once to pick out their very own clothes is a great bonding idea.

The biggest concern we see with eligibility is work during the program. Since the children in our hosting programs are not proficient in English, they cannot be watched under day care or day camp services. They also come from institutions, either orphanages or foster homes, so going back into what they will see as another institution can feel like abandonment all over again. Host parents are asked to take the majority of the hosting program off of work in order to spend time with their host child. Host parents also can reach out to extended family (host grandma and host grandpa!) for help periodically. Every adult who is in charge of a child must have a background check on file with Children of All Nations, and host children can never be left unattended or in the supervision of a child under the age of 18.

If you have eligibility questions about hosting, we would love to help! You can get your hosting questions answered at or call (512) 323-9595 to ask to speak to a Hosting Coordinator today!

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Hosting Tong

Zhao Tong came to America in 2014 for GWCA’s Holiday Hosting Program. During the four weeks that Zhao was here, his host family grew to love him very much, and they began working on the paperwork to bring him here forever! Now, less than one year later, they are getting ready to complete the final steps of the adoption as they travel to bring him home. Read their story about deciding to host this amazing kiddo, and how it has changed their lives forever!

A Seed is Planted

Several weeks later I was abruptly awakened from a deep sleep to sitting straight up in bed to someone calling out “Mom”.  Jamie & Jayden always call me Mommy and they come running in to our bedroom if they want me. Troubled, I got up and checked on them and they were sound asleep.  In the morning I told Jeff about the voice I heard.  No comment from him.  I told Jeff I really think God wants us to do this.  He responded well God needs to show me too.

About this same time Justine and Jenna our older daughters started asking us when we were going to go back to China and adopt another child.  I shared my dreams with them.   They were convinced it was what God wanted us to do.  So they started asking Jamie & Jayden if they would like another brother.  Jamie and Jayden said definitely “NO”.  Jayden listed reasons why not; 1. There is no room for him to sleep at our house. 2. He would break their toys. 3. He would fight them. 4. They already had a brother, Jerus. No new brother was coming to our house.

In December Jeff shared with me a dream he had. In his dream, he was out to eat with some people for work.  Someone asked him how many children do you have?  Jeff answered 5.  Then a little boy sitting next to him grabbed his sleeve and said “What about me, Daddy?”  Jeff was beginning to believe God wanted us to adopt but brought up Jamie & Jayden’s reluctance to having another brother.   Jamie & Jayden were still always answering NO to talk of a new brother.

In January as we sat down to eat Jayden says out of the blue, so if we did get another brother where would he sleep?  How old would he be?  What kinds of things could he do? As I answered each of his questions he and Jamie would look at each other and then he says what do you think Jamie, let’s get a new brother.  Jamie agrees with Jayden and then looks at me and says “Wow what made us CHANGE OUR HEARTS.” God finally got our entire family on the same page.

In the summer of 2014 we learned about Great Wall China Adoption’s (the adoption agency we had used for Jamie and Jayden) winter hosting program.  This is where a family has a child from an orphanage come and live with them for four to six weeks. The time period for hosting was mid-December to mid-January. So in September of 2014 we set off on a journey to host a boy from China.

Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA) Hosting Program

Meeting Zhao Tong

Who the heck is Conrad

Highlights from Our Time Hosting Zhao Tong

The Decision
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Why Does Hosting Cost?

The Cost of Hosting:


One of the most common questions we receive from families: “Why does hosting cost?” We know it’s the biggest obstacle for families to participate, so we want you to know exactly what the money goes to.

All of the costs of hosting go toward sponsoring the children’s travel to the United States. This means their travel approvals, their actual flights, and the insurance (yep the kiddos have insurance!) while they are here in the states. In essence, families sponsor a child’s travel here to the US in order to spend time with a family. All costs are tax deductible, and families receive a letter from our office for tax purposes. Families are providing humanitarian aid to a child in need!

The cost of hosting depends on the program:

$3150 Latvia
$3250 China
$3450 Philippines

The differences in cost reflect the different flights prices per country.

There is a great thing about our hosting costs – many of the costs of hosting cover some of the expenses of adopting a host child. With our hosting program, the hosting application doubles as your adoption application, meaning families don’t pay a second fee to another agency to begin your adoption process.

That also means that the ball doesn’t get dropped when a family decides they want to adopt their host child. You don’t get passed on to another agency that doesn’t know you. Our staff is in direct contact with our agency’s adoption staff, and we walk you through the process every step of the way.

Hague Training, which is a requirement for all families choosing to internationally adopt, is also included in the cost of hosting. This saves families time and hassle down the line as they prepare for adoption.

The tax deductible letter is available for all families in reference to payments made for the hosting program. This is a humanitarian service to these children, and we want to help in any way we can. We know that hosting costs each and every family, but the experience of hosting a child is one like no other. If you’re ready to start the journey, contact us at today!

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What It Means to Age Out

What do you mean
“age out?”
What happens when
they turn 14?

This is a question we hear over and over as we speak with families about the older children in our hosting program. The answer to the question is complicated, difficult, and heart-breaking. In our China program, children “age out” of the orphanages at age 14, in Philippines and Latvia it is age 16.


On the face of it, this means that the children are no longer available for international adoption, but the reality is, when the children in our programs reach this age, this is often the end of the line. The day these children turn 14 or 16, their hope for a forever family flickers out. What is most unfortunate, as these children get closer and closer to this aging out deadline, there are fewer and fewer families stepping up to prevent the bleak life ahead of them.

For the lucky ones, children are allowed to stay on and work at the orphanage. They may help cook meals or serve as a caretaker for the other, younger children still at the orphanage. They work as they watch their younger friends get adopted, knowing that is now a permanent impossibility for them.


For the not-so-lucky, they are turned out of the orphanage, sent to look for work in a local village or a nearby city. In many cases, the children who reach 14 or 16 are simply never heard from again. Human trafficking and child labor is a real issue that many of the children we serve face as they grow older, and we are unable to protect them once they reach their age deadline.

If you’re ready to help an older child find their family through hosting, contact us today. These are the faces of the children in our program who are nearing “aging out.” We can stop a life of work at 14, of begging on the street at 16, and a future with no family to call their own.

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