A New Year for New Faces

As we look back on 2015, the hosting team is so happy to say we’ve seen many of our host children come home to stay with their forever family. It’s been a year of happiness for children, family, and our team members alike, and we wanted to take a moment first to say THANK YOU to all the amazing Orphan Warriors out there whose hearts work tirelessly to find these children a family.

Looking forward into the 2016, we know that the work of finding families for older children and children with special needs is never over. You can meet the children of the current hosting program in need of advocacy over on this page, and read below to find out more about one of our special kiddos, “J!”

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J is a healthy, energetic, intelligent 10 year old boy.  While he earned the nickname “The Leader” during his hosting interviews, “Mr. Mechanical,” “Mr. Dramatic,”or “Mr. Lego” might be to other appropriate nicknames. J is a master Lego builder.  He absolutely loves all types of Legos.  When he arrived he proudly pulled out a tiny bag of Legos from his backpack and wanted to play immediately.  Ever since then he has created amazing Lego creations, which are displayed throughout his host family’s house.  He was ecstatic to see the Lego collection his host family had and literally jumped for joy when he received Legos as a Christmas gift.

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J is a bright child.  He is great at figuring things out, despite language barriers or lack of instruction. Many of the people who have met him during the hosting program have commented on how intelligent he seems to be.  He has ingenuity about him and he would flourish if he had the opportunity to participate in educational science programs or a robotics program. J also has a bit of a dramatic flair to him.  He can be a little melodramatic, loves to dance around the house and acts out all sorts of scenes.  He also has a knack for playing to an audience.  We could see him stealing the show in any school play or theater program.

J is an energetic boy who seems to be trying to keep up the “big kids.”  But, he is small for his age and has tender moments when he just wants to be nurtured. J has been spending the past few weeks with a host family in California, during which time he has flourished and overcome some fears.  But, what he most wants and needs is a forever family.

This bio was written by his host family, who is advocating for his adoption. If you’re interested in learning more about “J,” contact us at meredith@gwca.org today.

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