Aging Out – URGENT – These Kids Need YOU

Every program, we have children who are close to “aging out,” or in China, the age at which the children will permanently lose their chance at a forever family. We work every program to try to ensure that no child reaches that age – which is the day of their 14th birthday. It’s unimaginable for us that at the age of 14, a child is now on their own, without ever having the warmth, love, and guidance that a family can bring. Pictured below, Lou, Theo, and Elena are adoptable separately, and their 14th birthday is coming up quickly. We can’t let them lose their chance.

Aging Out

These three children participated in our winter 2015-2016 hosting program, and we are looking for families who are ready for the joy an older kiddo can bring. Lou, Theo, and Elena all are still looking for a family to call their own, and we need a family who is READY now to bring one of them home. Families have time to do their paperwork from start to finish before these children age out of their orphanages permanently, but it will take a special family who is ready to hit the ground running. If you or someone you know has the heart for an older child, PLEASE share this post and spread the word about these children.

Please contact us to help these sweet children – contact Meredith at (512) 323-9595 ext. 3032 or email at

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