Chaperone Host Families Needed NOW


The kids in our Orphan Hosting program will be arriving THIS WEEK! Each group of kids is accompanied by a chaperone, one of the social workers from their orphanage. These incredible ladies all need a place to stay while the kids are here. We search for volunteer families to open their home to these hardworking incredible women for at least 2 weeks out of their stay.  This comes at no cost to the family other than accommodating a guest in their home.

The only area we are still seeking a chaperone host family for is SEATTLE! If you or someone you know is living in or around Seattle, WA and would be interested in hosting one of our Orphan Hosting chaperones this winter, please contact our hosting coordinator, Shannon, at today!

Please contact our Hosting Coordinator Immediately, if you or someone you know might be interested. We must find these volunteers right now!

512-323-9595 EXT. 3101

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