#HostingHappenings: Delivering Good News Is THE BEST

A quick update over the weekend – sometimes we return to these orphanages and have to face the question, “Have you found a family for this child yet?” It’s usually a child who has been hosted before, who has watched his or her friends return back to the United States and find a family.

image1Today, I got to smile and deliver the best news of all! Two of our boys from last summer’s program have been waiting for a family to step forward for them. After months of waiting, I can happily say that these two will be coming home! The orphanage staff were moved to tears, and taking this photo of these two boys filled my heart with purpose for this program and a true sense of mission. We had an amazing group of children this past program, and we’re so happy to have seen so many of these children coming home.

From China, talk to you soon!


A note from the hosting staff at home – we have children still waiting from our current winter program to find a family, too! If you’re interested in finding out more about them, please visit our Advocate Kids Page and get in touch with us! You can also contact us with any questions you may have about the hosting programs at cayce@childrenofallnations.com.

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