It’s All About Siblings!


Our Latvia Winter Hosting program has launched, and this winter, a number of siblings are looking to spend the holidays with a family. Siblings groups are in pairs only (brother/sister, sister/sister, and one adorable brother/brother pair!). If your family is interested in hosting a sibling group, you’ll get a $100 discount on the hosting donation costs for the second child.

3 GREAT Reasons to Host a Sibling Pair

1. Double the Fun!

Why host one when you could have two? A sibling group will give you double the fun of hosting and create great memories for the children to share with each other when they return after hosting.

2. A little family for your family!

Sibling groups are often the hardest to get hosted, so you can help keep a little family together! Sibling groups have often formed strong family bonds with each other and do well forming bonds with a host family as well. Consider bringing a little family into your family this winter!

3. Shared Past for a Shared Future

Sibling groups have often stuck by each other through thick and thin. They come with a shared past, but they can look forward to a shared future with your family. Make some memories with a sibling group, and share this winter holidays with them!

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