Last Chance for Hope

We have re-opened matching for TWO days only! We just received files of two amazing sisters who are still waiting to find their host family. Being selected means they get to spend Christmas with a loving family instead of at the orphanage, wondering why they weren’t chosen. Ever since we learned about these girls, they’ve been tugging at our heartstrings, and we would love to see them spend the holidays full of hope and joy.

These sweet girls can be hosted together or separately. M is 11 years old and Mg is 13 years old. They have both been hosted before, but unfortunately these families were unable to re-host them for this upcoming program. They live in an orphanage with their brother and would love nothing more than to spend the holidays in a loving and caring home. Their brother is being hosted, so they are waiting to hear if they will be hosted too.

The orphanage director reached out to our representative specifically requesting to find these girls a winter host family. We have a $300 scholarship available for each girl, and if you host them together, you’ll receive a $700 scholarship! Will you host them and make their dreams come true?

Since hosting is coming to a close, families must be ready to complete all necessary documents and payments no later than the end of this week. Please contact our Program Director Katie at or 512-323-9595 ext. 3061 immediately to begin your hosting journey!

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