Latvia Hosting Program Launching This Winter!

Children of All Nations is excited to announce to the opening of its Latvia Hosting Program this Winter 2015-2016. Children in need from Latvia will have the opportunity to spend 4-5 weeks with a host family, experience the holidays here in the States and know the love and support a family provides! Early matching for the Latvia program will open at the beginning of August, so we encourage families interested in this program to apply early to get the best match possible.

Our interview team will leave to meet these amazing kids at the beginning of August, so follow our blog here! We are not able to post photos of children on our website or our photolisting, so inquire with us to receive a profile and get matched with your hosting child starting in August!


Children in the Latvia Hosting Program will typically be older, between ages 8-15. While some children may have minor medical needs, most of the children in the program are healthy. This is a great opportunity for your family to meet a child, create a bond, and potentially begin your journey towards a forever family. Contact us about our Latvia Hosting Program to find out more!

Citizenship: One parent must be a U.S. citizens, income, religion, and other factors will determine your eligibility.

  • Age: Generally between 27-60 years old, depending on the country and the special needs of the child, if any.
  • Marriage Status: Single women and married couples are generally eligible.
  • Criminal History: Applicants with a criminal history of child abuse, violence, or domestic violence are not eligible to host
  • Health: Host parents must be in good health with no major medical or psychological concerns.

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