New York and New Jersey Families – We Need You!

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Children of All Nations has just received approval from the Philippines to expand our hosting program to include families living in New York and New Jersey! This means that we are now able to work with families living in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida and Georgia! This huge. We still have some incredible kids waiting. Now is your chance to give the gift of family!

If you or someone you know is currently living in one of these approved states and may be interested in hosting a child this holiday season, call us today. Families that apply before October 15th will receive a $250 gift towards their hosting fees!

During Business Hours:

(512)323-9595 ext. 3101   or   (512)323-9595 ext. 3102

After Hours and on weekends:

(512)323-9595 ext. 3094

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