We Were Abandoned (Scholarships Available)


It’s the other “A” word in the adoption community. No matter what country, most of the stories we hear about the children we serve begin with the same word – abandoned. Whether they were left at birth or left as an older child, the heartache we feel for our children is the same. The children in the photo above all represent a story that begins with abandonment.

Many families wonder how this abandonment affects the children, especially the older children, of our hosting program. The tale of The Survivors, two brothers from the Philippines, is one that clearly demonstrates the pure hearts and resolves of these orphans. E & A are 11 and 13 – like so many of the children we see, they are small for their age. At ages 3 and 5, they were abandoned by their mother after their father’s death. The children briefly spent some time in the care of a local family before they were placed in the orphanage. The children in orphanages simply do not get the nutrition they need to grow, so E & A are small but sweet.


E&A didn’t only earn their nicknames from surviving abandonment – they were at the orphanage when a typhoon hit the Philippines. E was treated for exposure to the water, and A managed to climb to safety across a cable wire. They were 7 and 5 years old.

From her trip in the Philippines, our director sent email after email about these two boys in particular. “Have they found a family?” “We must find them a family.” “Look at the video of the boys doing martial arts – aren’t they cute?!” “These boys need a family.”


They deserve somewhere to call home, someone to say they matter, and someone to tell them the word abandon will never be a part of their story again.

They don’t just need a family – they deserve a family. These are boys that would thrive with the love and affection a family could give them. Older brother E makes friends with everyone and helps his younger brother fit in. Little brother A loves to read, which means he’s doing well in school, and best of all he loves to be hugged. According to their social worker, these brothers long to be a part of a family. Despite everything they have been through, they are able to love and long to be loved in return.

If you’re ready to make a home for E & A, there is a $500 scholarship available towards their hosting costs. Contact our hosting staff at info@orphanhosting.com to find out how we can change abandonment to adoption and start a better life for these two children.

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