Winter Latvia, Philippines, and China Photolistings Are OPEN!


As we draw to a close on the summer, we begin to look forward to the upcoming Winter Hosting Program that will give a new group of children the opportunity to come to the United States, share the joy of the holidays with a family, and have a life-changing experience. If you’re ready to host, visit our Hosting Photolisting today to meet the kiddos who will be a part of the Winter Hosting Experience!

Latvia Program: To receive full access to the children’s photos, please click on the children’s bios to access our short Latvia Hosting Full Photolisting Request Form. Answer just a few short questions, and we will send you the password to the photolisting for that group of kiddos.

Philippines Program: To receive access to the children’s photos, please contact a Program Coordinator directly at or call 512-323-9595 ext. 3092 or 3101.

If you’re ready to have the Christmas hosting experience of a lifetime, view our photolisting today!

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